EXECUTIVE SEARCH STATUS:  Assignment Completed

POSITION: Group Human Resources Executive

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Leading South African Healthcare Organisation

JOB LOCATION:Johannesburg, South Africa

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer

SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE OPPORTUNITY: Assume accountability and responsibility for the group human resources function with particular emphasis on: Developing and implementing human resources strategies to support business and human resources needs; providing strategic human resources leadership to the executive management and the human resources functions in the operations and managing the Group’s interests at government, industrial and labour related forums .

GROUP BACKGROUND: The company is a leading South African healthcare organisation in South Africa and primarily serves the market for privately insured individuals, representing approximately eight million people.



  • Must have a relevant Bachelors degree. Should ideally have a post graduate qualification
  • At least fifteen years experience in Human Resources, at least three of which should have been as Head of Human Resources in a company/division in the services sector which employs at least 5 000 people
  • Healthcare industry experience would be advantageous



  • Develop and implement human resources and people development strategies, objectives and processes.
  • Provide direction and guidance to Line Executives and the Human Resources Division to ensure implementation and maintenance of sound human resources policies and practices
  • Influence management and the operations of the ongoing need for transformation and drive it throughout the Group
  • Monitor the industrial relations climate and provide advice on the appropriate action to be taken to maintain the harmonious climate
  • Revise and implement human resources planning, recruitment, succession planning and retention strategies
  • Assume responsibility for training and development, remuneration and performance management and people management
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with Fund and Medical Aid Administrators,Investment companies, Industry associations, Government departments,competitors, NGO’s, Medical and Business Schools