Completed Job Vacancy




Principal, King David Victory Park High School

High School

Johannesburg, Victory Park

Company Background:

King David Victory Park High School serves the Jewish Community of Johannesburg. The opportunity exists for an Educator of Excellence to be appointed as Principal of this accomplished School.

Position Summary:

The Principal will report to the South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE) and will embody the ethos of the School, treasuring independent thought and actualisation of each learner’s potential in all spheres of scholastic achievement: academically; in arts and culture; and on the sports field.


Key areas of activity and Key Attributes Required:


Specific qualities, knowledge and skills of the successful candidate will include:

  • A progressive educational philosophy which will prepare the students for their future in South Africa and the Global Community
  • An understanding of the issues of the educational transition in South Africa and be committed to the maintenance of the teaching excellence for which the School has become known.
  • Commitment to continual improvement of the School infrastructure and the ability to promote the holistic educational needs of its students.
  • A democratic and inclusive style of leadership which recognises and encourages independent enquiry, thinking and development, on the part of teachers and students alike.
  • As Head of the High School the Principal will accept, respect and support the ethos of Jewish heritage, its traditions, and a commitment to the South African Jewish Community.
  • A sustainable drive to continually nurture all round excellence in the school
  • An understanding and support of the principles enshrined in the SABJE Purpose Statement
  • The appropriate qualifications, experience and intellectual stature for the position combined with strong and effective leadership and communication skills